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The first instances of expansion prep came this week via Montreal and AnaheimĀ 

The expansion draft is looming. Teams have been planning for this event below the surface for months, but now that we are within half a year of the actual event, more public moves are beginning to be made.

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NHL May Expand to 34 Teams

Rumors of expansion have surfaced again, but with more drive this time. Sports Illustrated sent ripples through the hockey community with a report that a 2017 expansion was to take place, which would include Las Vegas, Seattle, Quebec, and another a Toronto team. This would leave the NHL at 34 teams, 16 in the West and 18 in the East. The talk of expansion to Seattle and Quebec have been talked about for years, and another Toronto team and Quebec thrown around, but it’s certainly a whirlwind to possible be looking ahead to 4 new teams in the NHL, in it’s first expansion since 2000.

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