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Mock NHL Expansion Draft – Edition II (Vegas Golden Knights) 

Mock Vegas Golden Knights Expansion Draft: Edition 2 Read the rest of this entry

Three name suggestions for the Las Vegas hockey team

Naming a sports team is difficult in today’s age. Nearly every object and animal is trademarked by a team, whether it be professional or an affiliate. Bill Foley and his Las Vegas crew face the challenge of having to come up with something unique and memorable for their brand. The task will be tough, but there are still some options available. Here are three that should be at the top.  Read the rest of this entry

Eight teams that should protect four defensemen in the expansion draft 

In next summer’s expansion draft, teams have two options in which to protect their players. One is protecting seven forwards, three defensemen, and one goalie. The other choice is protecting eight skaters and one goalie. The former gives you more players to protect but you risk losing a top-four defenseman, whereas the latter allows you to hold onto that fourth (or fifth, if you so please) defenseman, but you are losing out on protecting two top-six forwards. It is a calculated risk that teams have to weigh, and there are eight teams that should choose to take the second option and protect four defensemen.  Read the rest of this entry