Three name suggestions for the Las Vegas hockey team

Naming a sports team is difficult in today’s age. Nearly every object and animal is trademarked by a team, whether it be professional or an affiliate. Bill Foley and his Las Vegas crew face the challenge of having to come up with something unique and memorable for their brand. The task will be tough, but there are still some options available. Here are three that should be at the top. 

#1: The Las Vegas NIGHTHAWKS

This was one of the three options that owner Bill Foley was said to be considering, along with the “Red Hawks” and the “Desert Hawks”. Personally, I believe the Nighthawks is the best out of the three. It gives off a military feel, which is something Foley, a man who went to the United States Military Academy, wants. It also goes well with Las Vegas, which is a city known for it’s nightlife. The team would draw comparisons to both the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL and the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, but names are few and far between in the sports world and it will be something Foley has to deal with regardless.

#2: The Las Vegas MOUNTAIN LIONS

This name would give Las Vegas the distinction of being the only NHL team with four different words in it’s title. Others, like the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Columbus Blue Jackets, for example, have three. The use of the “Mountain Lions” would rival the Arizona Coyotes in a sense with a cat vs. dog theme. Mountain lions are prevalent in Nevada and are listed as “healthy statewide” by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

#3: The Las Vegas BLUEBIRDS

If you do enough looking, you’ll notice that the “Bluebirds” is a relatively popular suggestion amongst new names for the Las Vegas squad. This is because the bluebird is the official state bird of Nevada. The “Bluebirds” provides a unique name amongst hockey teams. The Ducks and Penguins are the only reasonable comparisons. Some may make the case that the “Bluebirds” isn’t exactly a fierce name for a hockey team, but in truth, a good sum of teams don’t have fierce names. The bluebird also provides an open color scheme to work with, as along with blue, white and a tint of bronze could be used.

-Kevin, @TheNHLFiles


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