Stamkos Watch 2k16

Where will Steven Stamkos land? Let’s break it down into four groups. 

1) The Impossibilities 

These teams have no chance at signing Steven Stamkos, mainly due to cap restrictions. There’s not much else to say. The teams that fall into this category are:

•Chicago Blackhawks

•Pittsburgh Penguins

•Los Angeles Kings

•Columbus Blue Jackets

2) The Long Shots 

These teams have a chance at signing Stamkos, but it’s highly unlikely. The teams that fall into this category are:

•Philadelphia Flyers 

•Colorado Avalanche

•New Jersey Devils

•Calgary Flames

•Dallas Stars

•Carolina Hurricanes

•San Jose Sharks 

•Nashville Predators 

•Washington Capitals

•Anaheim Ducks 

Some of these teams, like Philadelphia, Washington, Dallas, Edmonton, and Anaheim, don’t necessarily have a need for Stamkos with their center core and cap situations. Others, like Carolina and New Jersey, simply are not likely to get him because they are relatively unattractive destinations. But theoretically, any team on this list could get Steven Stamkos. 

3) The Middle of the Road

These teams float in between the favorites to land Stamkos and the long shots. All of these clubs will be in good consideration. The teams that fall into this category are:

•New York Rangers

•New York Islanders

•Winnipeg Jets

•Arizona Coyotes

•Ottawa Senators

•Boston Bruins

•Florida Panthers

•Minnesota Wild

•Montreal Canadiens 

•St. Louis Blues 

•Vancouver Canucks 

Most of these teams, minus maybe the Wild and the Rangers, have a good enough current cap situation to fit Stamkos in under the bill. Teams like Ottawa, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Vancouver are all devoid of a top-tier center. Two teams that may surprise you on this list are Arizona and St. Louis. However, both teams have the cap and have general managers that are not afraid to do something big. Arizona winning the Cup may be a pipe dream, but wouldn’t Stamkos look nice with the music note on his chest? His addition would certainly help the Blues potentially disperse their playoff failures. 

4) The Favorites 

Last but certainly not least, the favorites. These teams are presumed to have the best chance to land Steven Stamkos. The teams that fall into this category are:

•Buffalo Sabres

•Toronto Maple Leafs 

•Tampa Bay Lightning

•Detroit Red Wings

These four are set to duke it out at the top for a chance to sign Steven Stamkos.

Stamkos staying with the Lighting is still a very real possibility, especially because of the absence of income tax in Florida. The hometown Toronto Maple Leafs are also a very attractive option. Buffalo is also ready to shell out a bunch of money to try to get him in a Sabres jersey. Furthermore, Detroit is ready to bring trucks of money to the Stamkos residence as well, and they even traded the Pavel Datsyuk contract to do so. 

Only time will tell where Steven Stamkos will go. But he certainly won’t be devoid of options. 

-Kevin, @TheNHLFiles


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