Kadri trade highly unlikely, but not impossible 

Rumors have recently been going around that Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri could be traded before next Monday’s trade deadline. Although under Lou Lamoriello everything is kept a secret, a trade of that nature seems highly unlikely. 

Kadri has had a resurgence under new head coach Mike Babcock. The 25 year old center and former seventh overall pick has 30 points in 51 games on the now abysmal Leafs squad. His career high is back in 2013-2014 with 50 points. 

Last summer, Kadri signed a one year deal to remain with the team and prove himself again, which he has. The deal was for 4.1 million. The kicker about the whole Kadri situation is that he is a restricted free agent after this year. The team that would trade for him has full control, so that increases his value greatly. Kadri could of course go out and sign with another team this offseason, but the team that had previously acquired him would have a chance to match the offer. 

I would not think that Kadri’s next deal would be huge, either. Maybe somewhere in the 2-4 year range around 5 million per. Statistically, Kadri lines up to be a top-six forward for the future and one that Mike Babcock has taken a liking to, but not one (at least yet) worth six million or more.  

The time to deal Nazem Kadri is not now, and do not expect Lamoriello and the Toronto management to make a deal unless something knocks their socks off. However, nothing is impossible in today’s NHL. 

Keeping Kadri around for now and seeing where he fits in once the likes of Marner, Nylander, and whomever the Leafs obtain via the draft or trading is the plan Toronto likely will follow. 

-Kevin, @TheNHLFiles


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