Eight absurd hockey purchases you could make if you won the Powerball

The Powerball is up to 1.5 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money. If no one wins tonight, it’ll skyrocket to 2 billion. Say, someone wins it tonight, they’d get around 700 million in liquid cash if they pleased after taxes. Let’s take a look at what that person could do with that 700 million. 

1. Employ 33 Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews duos

Kane and Toews are set to make a combined 21 million next year after inking new deals. With 700 million dollars, you could have the duo 33 times over with a comfortable 7 million left over. 

2. Buy the Carolina Hurricanes, Arizona Coyotes, AND Florida Panthers 

According to Forbes’ list, you could buy all three of these franchises and still have 69 million left over. The list has Carolina at $225 million, Arizona at $220 million, and Florida at $186 million. 

3. Buy the Philadelphia Flyers and employ five of Claude Giroux

With your 700 million, the highest you could go on the franchise list is Philadelphia at $660 million. The Canucks are just out of reach at $745 million. At least you’ll have a little left over for all of those Giroux clones. 

4. Buy approximately 2.3 million NHL-caliber hockey sticks

This one is a rough estimate, but you’d be able to get just over two million hockey sticks like the pros use with your 700 million, assuming the average is about $300. 

5. Make 60,000 Stanley Cups

According to The Richest, the average Stanley Cup today would cost about $11,000 since it is 460 ounces of silver with silver at $23 an ounce. With the 700 million, and at $11,000 a Cup, you could make 63,000 Stanley Cups. You’re welcome, Buffalo. 

6. Buy A LOT of hockey pucks

To get 12 hockey pucks online, you’re paying about $20. So with your money, you could get 420,000,000 pucks. Enough said. 

7. Pay Gary Bettman’s salary ten times over 

Sportnet revealed that Bettman’s salary (per a recent league filing) was just about 10 million dollars. That means that you pay for Bettman’s salary 70 times over evenly. 

8. Buy 11 million copies of NHL 16

NHL 16 is at a value of about $60 depending on when you get it, meaning striking the lotto would get you 11 million copies of the game with enough money left over to buy 100,000 Xbox One consoles. 

That’s a lot of things you can buy with this money, some more practical than others. I didn’t do the math but I’m pretty sure you’d be able to cover some states in synthetic ice with the money if you really wanted to. May the luck be ever in your favor. 

-Kevin, @TheNHLFiles



The Richest



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