Anaheim may be looking to trade Frederik Andersen

The Ducks crease was busy to begin with, and now it has only gotten busier with the acquisition of Dustin Tokarski from Montreal. John Gibson left the Ducks game on Wednesday early but the injury is not believed to be serious. That leaves the team with five goaltenders (Gibson, Andersen, Hackett, Khudobin, Tokarski) for essentially four spots. 

John Gibson has grabbed the reigns of Anaheim’s crease lately and is running with it. Once considered the top goalie prospect in the league, he is finally coming around despite having injury struggles. At this point, he is least likely to get traded but nothing is out of the question. 

Anton Khudobin and Matt Hackett both have little to no value. Khudobin was not claimed on waivers earlier this year, and Hackett has not been good in the AHL. Matt Hackett still has promise at 25 years old, but Khudobin could be looking at a last chance at 29 in a league that’s becoming increasingly competitive with roster spots. A trade with either of these two is not out of the question either, but it is not the road the Ducks want to take if they want value back to make a late season push. 

That leaves Danish-born Frederik Andersen. He has put up consistent numbers over the past few seasons (.914 SV% last year and .913 this year) but has fallen out of contention recently in favor of Gibson. Andersen has one year left on his deal, but he is an RFA which would leave the team he is dealt to in control. Gibson, on the other hand, is on the books for three more years after this at a reasonable 2.3 million dollars per year. Andersen will demand more than that, and they probably could afford to give both of them time in the crease, but they need to decide if they want to. 

It’s risky business, but the Ducks should be shopping Andersen. Andersen is due for a large pay increase, and you are running the risk that he will possibly become an expensive backup for you or at least the 1B. It’s still a viable situation but not ideal for both parties. 

Andersen should get his fair shot to prove himself to the Ducks over the next few games or weeks, but the Ducks will have to make a decision by trade deadline day (even though it could come a lot sooner). Andersen’s value could yield them a solid offensive player. It is a risk they have to take with Gibson, Khudobin, and Tokarski if they want to improve up front. 

The trade could easily be Hackett or Khudobin at the end of the day if Andersen starts playing well again, but a fourth round pick or later is the return they would get. 

Teams that could be interested in Andersen include Buffalo, Calgary, and Arizona. 

-Kevin, @TheNHLFiles


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