Sunday Blog: Franson, PTOs, and Al Arbour 

We’ve reached the dog days of the NHL offseason, which is a perfect time to start a new trend. I’ll try my best to post these Sunday blogs, just to talk, every week along with the regular content spread out accordingly.  

Cody Franson’s name is still out there, which is odd on its own, but the saga may be coming to a close. He has reportedly been offered a two year deal by Buffalo, who’s still looking for that extra defenseman.

Franson and Buffalo are an interesting combo, but I wonder if this addition, if it happens, could put Buffalo in a spot to contend. They added a lot of nice pieces this offseason and if Robin Lehner can play well enough, I wouldn’t rule them out of competing for a wild card spot. If they squeak in over the likes of the Islanders, Jackets, or Bruins is the bigger question.

After Franson, the long list of free agents drags on. Many veteran players are still waiting, and one unnamed NHL general manager reportedly thinks it’s because of team’s willingness to play their younger players for this upcoming season.

As August comes to a close and in early September, I’m sure there will be a lot of training camp invites. A few have been dished out already, including Sergei Gonchar with Pittsburgh, and no NHL GM is going to let cheap talent waste away. Christian Ehrhoff got 1.5 million with Los Angeles, and he was one of the best on the market. Prices will be low.

Lastly, it’s sad news that hit the heart of the NHL once again this past week. One of the most decorated men in hockey, Al Arbour, passed away this past week. Now, I could write a whole post about this, but I’ll leave his legacy to do the talking. He was a main instrument into making the Islanders into the dynasty they were and his dynamic coaching ideas helped shape the game into what it is today. RIP, coach.

-Kevin, @TheNHLFiles


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