Top Coaches to be Fired Before the ASG

As the season winds closer and closer to it’s midpoint, teams need to start making important decisions about their team and more importantly their front office. With it being so hard to trade at certain points, it’s easy to put the burden on the coaches for the team’s success, and worse, their struggles. For example, Peter Laviolette was fired last year in Philadelphia, only to see Craig Berube steer the team to the playoffs. This year, fans have started to get fed up with him and the Flyers slow start and things are turning bad. Coaches are by far the most instrumental part of any locker room, and they need to have the players backs 100%, and the players have to be behind the coach as well, and sadly, that’s not always the case.

Here are my top choices for coaches to be fired before the all-star break:

1. Todd McLellan

The stripping of captaincy has undoubtedly taken it’s toll on the front office, and Todd McLellan may take the first hit of the rampage. McLellan has been facing this since losing 4 straight to the Kings in last years playoffs, and it’s all finally coming around. The Sharks have had several instances of playoff failures outside of last year, despite regular season success and a talented group of players. The Sharks have reportedly already contacted Dan Bylsma about a job.

2. Randy Carlyle

It’s almost like his name is glued to these threads. Carlyle has been nominated to be fired countless times over his tenure as Leafs coach, which hasn’t been very successful. The pressure from both fans and media in Toronto is a big driving factor, and it’s hard to get out of the doghouse once you’re in it. It’s a tough fit though, finding a replacement for him, unless you do it later in the year and hire an interim.

3. Peter Deboer

After humiliating collapsing again against Detroit, blowing a 4-1 lead, Deboer’s leadership has come into question. The Devils are definitely a talented group with valuable trade assets, especially on defense (prospect wise), but sometimes a culture change is needed to spark something, much like the aforementioned Berube/Laviolette. It would have also helped last year if the Devils won some shootouts and boosted them up the standings a little bit.

4. Craig Berube

The struggling Flyers need answers, and with a tough trade market and awful defense, change outside of management might be tough to do. Bad line combinations plus the over-playing of players have driven fans to the brink with Berube, and we know the team isn’t afraid to fire a coach mid season.

5. Dallas Eakins

Taylor Hall approaching Craig MacTavish and saying it’s a not Eakin’s fault, but the players fault is probably reassuring to the coach, but how much more leeway can he get? The Oilers are 0-11-3 against Western Conference teams this year, and they play in the Western Conference. Something needs to budge, and I’m not talking about David Perron.

-Kevin, @TheNHLFiles


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